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Tempur-Pedic and Chiro Flow Pillows

Products - Temper-Pedic Pillow
Temper-Pedic Classic Neck Pillow $129.99 + Tax Free Shipping
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Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillows

Our original pillow designed to provide proper alignment, support and comfort by following the natural curve of your body. Our TEMPUR Material is ergonomically contoured and available in three sizes to fit all body types and sleep preferences.
Products - Chiroflow Pillow
Chiro Flow Water Based Pillow $59.99 + Tax Free Shipping

The Chiro Flow Waterbase Pillow

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Clinically proven to improve sleep quality Soft hypoallergenic fiber filling supported by an easy-to-fill water base Rejuvenates skin and reverses the negative effects of fatigue